The Worldslayer Chronicle

A magpie for every occasion

One for Sorrow…

Years ago, deep below the surface of the earth.

The tunnel was quiet now… the muted screams and terrible scratching sounds had finally stopped. A small mercy, but a mercy nonetheless. How had it happened, how could it have happened? The construction was sound, the supports stable, there had been no signs of geological instability, no flaws in the stone… and yet, now tonnes of rock and rubble was all that remained of what should have been his legacy. Rubble… and what lay trapped and crushed beneath it.

What certainty could there be in a world where such things could happen? Where solid stone and rock would turn on you and drown you like the waves of the treacherous sea?

The only other possible explanation was even more impossible, and more horrifying still… but it couldn’t be… the plans had been perfect… hadn’t they?

High above the stricken mine, in a dying, gnarled tree barely clinging to the famished soil, a single magpie let out a mocking cry…

Two for Mirth…

A few months ago, somewhere on the road.

It was amazing, unfathomable, intoxicating. The power was boiling in his veins, roaring in his ears with a force that would put the mightiest earthquake to shame and seething between his fingertips as if he had grasped the sun itself in his hands.

Inside his head, images exploded in an endless flood of nonsensical glory, momentarily forcing him to his knees.

Through sheer force of will he shrugged it off, however, shutting out the maddening torrent to focus his mind solely on the very pulse of the earth and stone beneath his feet. Power… impossible power pouring into every fragile fragment of his soul.

The twilight dusk surrounding him took on a strange, greenish hue as his eyes left flesh and blood behind for emerald perfection. It was overwhelming, it was overpowering… it was wonderful!

He finally did the only thing he could do in the moment. He threw back his head and laughed loud enough to stir the two black-feathered birds sleeping in a nearby bush, sending the spiralling towards the heavens with indignant cries…

Three for a Wedding…

Last week, in Absalom

It certainly wasn’t the largest wedding in Absalom had seen, but it might very well have been a strong contender for the strangest. A union of stone wishing to be flesh to flesh wishing to be stone. The full majesty of Elemental Earth arrayed to bear witness to the fated union between their beloved princess and her unlikely groom.

And outside, peering through a nearly imperceptible crack in the stolid walls, three dishevelled birds snickered and crowed in a sinister fashion amongst themselves, eagerly awaiting the inevitable arrival of their fellow…

Showdown ...and Tea
Cove of Remembrance


….Having slain the last of the chimeras we were mightily worn out, bruised and with only a trickle of the power within us, we decided it best to find shelter should the harpies return.

Scouting along the golden sands of the beach we found what at first looked like a cave entrance, but upon nearer examination proved to be a tunnel worked into the cliffs – realizing it had to be the entrance to the temple …the temple of ‘Remembrance’ we decided to delve just a bit inside to get out of sight, then to rest and refresh our powers ….It was not to be so easy.

Leading the way into the temple we came upon to side chambers, the place looking decerted for Andoletta knows how long, having just decided that the chambers would prove a good site for rest we suddenly found ourselves in a desperate fight as some foul spirit raised a vicious tornado of old broken bones whipping about us, tearing us – while its negative energy sapped our strength ….only with the very last reserves of our powers were we able to overcome it, and it was indeed very close that Edwin could have been lost. In the end though, thanks in no small part to the earth magic of Garnet did we manage to overcome it – and was finally able to seek our rest.

Having rested, as we saw first rays of a new days sun falling into the tunnel, we could feel the mythic power once again fill us up and we made ready to uncover whatever secrets the temple yet still held. Walking carefully down the long-dead halls, we recognized a building style similar yet slightly different …as if inspired by that ancient city we had visited below the sea on our long journey, finally we came to what must have been the great library – once no doubt magnificent but now just an empty room only empty racks hinting at the treasure of knowledge that must once have been held within. From the library an enchanted door lead deeper and after much effort to open it we finally knew we were on the right track when we saw signs of passage, recent signs – or atleast relatively speaking, perhaps the signs of our long lost Pathfinder compatriots who had been lost those many years ago ….

In the end we found not only signs of our Pathfinder compatriots but found them impossible alive, …alive yet held in the grip of each their curse, one an undying custodian of a cursed book of prophesies …another a worse fate, consumed by his desire for power the artifact had turned Andrello as was his name into a soulless monster, a hydra of great power – apparantly he had slain most of his own party …and now he tried to slay us – Unprepared for the violent attack Surt was torn limb from limb and Sigrun fell frozen hit by breaths of freeze … and I myself came within a hairsbreadth of joining my god in the afterlife – In the however our remaining friends overcame it and I found myself coming to after being fed several potions …

Coming to my feet, still groggy from the ordeal of my own punishment as well as the brutal loss of Sigrun and Surt I hardly noticed Garnet liberating Gretchen, the last member of the forgone party, from her curse …shaking my head, not realizing yet it was her wish I almost screamed out when a golden light fell over us, peace permeated me …and my god …my god literally stepped out before us … Now not doubt the blows to my head play small part, but I hardly remember it … did we have tea? Yet I came away with a feeling of content, yet knowing I must find my own path – to do right must come from within and ….and that the road would not always appear easy ….

The return seems as if in a haze, we encountered some being on the way out – I hardly remember my own part in it, but a deal was made …the deathly book of prophecies exchanged in return of a deck of cards, holding great power over destinies … and just like that we were suddenly back at the Grand Lodge

Harping for a Song


Having barely driven off an ambush by [[ Vampires we nevertheless was able to draw a breath of relief back at the Grand Lodge. However knowing that a Cabal of Vampires had it out for us – None of us felt safe and we decided that the best we could do would be to lay low for a while, and unless we wanted to incarcerate ourselves inside the compound, preferable someplace other than in Absalom …so sitting down, we pitched our ideas:

Garnet had found some writings detailing a long lost city someplace off in the dessert lands, it sounded alluring both in its exoticness and promise of riches, atleast this was something he emphasized multiple times … several times over … However, it being pretty far away we decided to see what other options we had.

Sigrun had managed to find some references to a shadowy parallel version of Absalom, now to me it sounded pretty far fetched at first – but when she reminded me of the shadow gates and the shade spirits … and that it was basically the ‘same thing’ I believed her, …NOT that it made it sound like some place I would like to go, but I believed her … – I really hope we will not find ourselves in a situation where we have to escape though that place ….

Finally it seemed that the choice of what to do came down to one of practicality, Garnet’s option was too far away – Sigrun’s too dangerously “crazy” and mine …well mine was practical … and so an early morning, just as the gates were opened, we set out hoping to find the Cove of Remembrance …supposedly an ancient library of sorts with details of prophecies of the threats against us all, perhaps even with clues of what we were facing?!

Having made it out of Absalom and hired a boat w/ crew at a less than reputable minor port … we found ourselves off a none too friendly looking shoreline …managing to brave the ‘Murder Rocks’ we hardly made it to the beach though before we were set upon by Harpies. The creatures proved easy enough to drive off – but difficult to get at as they kept their distance and worse as they started singing …their sound enough to drive a person to the brink of madness or beyond ….as the poor crew of the boat we had hired found out to their misery… In the end thought it was not us, but the appearance of a pair of chimera which drove off the harpies and ironically enough THEY proved much easier for us to handle ….though in the end we found ourselves stumbling wounded and on our last reserves towards a cave mouth, looking for respite …

Death Afoot


Having accepted membership into the Pathfinder Society or the Grand Lodge as it was also known, we took to the exploring the compounds to the extend we were allowed, for the most part this meant exploring the library marvellign in all the writings assembled from a wide area and over a long time … each of us going off to explore and investigate our favorite subject and dig into some pet project.

Exploring the library of the Grand Lodge was an engrossing time and we almost forgot that we were in fact in what was probably the biggest and illustrious city in the world – Absalom thus boasted a population of more than 300.000 a staggering magnitude greater than our native Varheim and the 350ish people who called it home … having thus spend the better part of a week engrossed in the books of the library we finally decided to head out to explore and relax, having some food and wine and take in the city – What we found was though slightly more than what we had bargained for…

After an evening of good food and decent drink, walking home in high spirits – we knew it was late, but after everything we have been through we figured we could handle a cut purse or backalley bandit ok, so we werent worried … suddenly though from the shadows two figures more materialized than stepped forth …demanding we hand over Marina or “else” … Now taking our cue from Marina she did not seem much inclined to go with them, and so we prepared to fight and found they were not two but four!! … and turned it out these were no cutthroats, but vampires in the flesh so to speak – My god, I fought with 2 and they were STRONG … even the giant we fought had nothing on them … one moment I was fighting, the next my senses were raddled by a lightning shock of a kind while powerful blow after blow rained down upon me – and only with the greatest effort were we able to drive them off …and we knew that things could very well have ended up differently…

Battered and shocked, we returned to the Pathfinder compound – tryign to make sense of why a group of powerful vampires would want with Marina – and how to deal with this sinister-vampire-cabal

New Paths ...perhaps


Braving the treacherous approach into the harbor of Absalom, we all made a sigh of relief as we now believed that having docked the Dastardly Endeavor, we could now concentrate on setting free her chained oarsmen, look for someone willing to buy a slightly (miss)used ship …and well get on our way to the Pathfinder Society and our god give quest at large. It was not to be so simple ….

Barely had we and the first former slaves made it up onto the docks until an agitated harbor inspector was joined by the Cheliax Ambassador who in a most agitated way demanded not only that the ship be handed over to him including ALL former slaves, but also that we be detained on charges of piracy … the nerve!!

Luckily both Sigrun and Edwin kept a cool head and managed to stall for time, while I managed to find and convince the Andoran Ambassador Pax that not only was a grave injustice in the making but that important principles were at stake. Thus convinced, Ambassador Vitrius Pax rushed to the harbor with his men, and for a while it appeared there would be a real brawl, but a compromise was reached – not one which was very satisfactory, far from it in fact, but such are compromises want to be I find.

Having thus braved not only the dangerous harbor entrance, but also the bureaucratic shoals of Absalom we finally made ouir way to the Pathfinder Society. At the lodge we were recieved most hospitable, and offered immediate membership on grounds of our quest to bring them our information – However, it took a long night of debate and persuation to reach consensus on joining on grounds on Garnet having many a fear of being taken advantage of. In the end though, join we did – and as our liason, instructor or ‘Captain’ as the Society calls it, was named Berek Hazadrian who seems to be not only ruggedly handsome, but also competent and someone who himself believes in the good membership in the Society can do…

Highsea spell'ing ...


…In a desperate bid to save ourselves, the crew and other passengers of the Lions Share we rammed our blazing ship into the side of the chelish ship the Dastardly Endeavor … and after an intense battle of spells and nasty close quarter fighting we managed to subdue both her captain a most competent fire mage as well as her chelish marines … the victory could but only leave an ashen taste in our mouths as we realized that we …..we were the only survivors from all the people that had left Almas but a few days before.

Nevertheless, taking stock of the situation we promized the crew safety and the chained slaves a shot at freedom if they would help bring the ship to Absalom, the fabled city of the Inner Sea …and our destination for our months long trip …

Seas of Injustice


Having concluded our ‘business’ with Euryale which … whom(?) we now realized was a Medusa – All those poor statues … people … blocking their ill fate out of our minds as we made our return to Wickingford along the way taking the effort to pull down the archway gate …as it fell over, nothing much really happened, I guess it really was just an old archway …

Back in Wickingford we managed to persuade the villagers that relocating to a safer distance from both the lizard-people and the danger posed by Euryale would be wise and soon we found ourselves on the road again with pillars of smoke from the abandoned and burning village to our backs … I do hope they find a safer haven to make their home, we all need one … hopefully when this is over I can find one to claim as my own as well …

Having left the burning village behind, we traveled on – eventually reaching the lands of Andoran. Andoran is a strange place indeed, not bad I actually liked what I saw – the people seem to be an industrious and friendly lot, very guarded about theirs and others personal freedom something which Surt Tinge found difficult to grasp …and he almost got into trouble when he started an argument about slavery vs. bonded servitude …to be honest the finer points went a bit in over my head, but I do find the basic argument that its just wrong for one person to own another …

From Almas the port capital of Andoran, we managed to hire passage on a well armed merchantman called the Lions Share, on which we intended to cross the inner-sea to the fabled city of Absalom – Having spend a couple of days in Absalom before our ship was ready to depart, we had a chance for a bit of shopping and even seeing a few sights, truly when not being ambushed by raging monsters of having to witness the death of close friends, travelling across half the world does also hold its charms … Leaving Almas no the first tide, we had a breathtaking beautiful view as the suns’ first rays hit the Almas huge trademark golden statue pointing out across the sea, it was a beautiful sight.

At sea thus for the second time, I think we all enjoyed the pleasant atmosfpere much different on the Lions Share than what we experienced on Bronzetyren however as we were to learn the calm days was merely the lull before the storm …and a couple days later that storm broke with a vengeance ….

It had started out as a pleasant sunny day, but soon we found our selves fighting not only for our ship but our very lives, when we were attacked by the chelish tri-hull Dastardly Endeavor – It was a dark hour indeed when with The Lions Share ablaze our only chance was to set a collision course for the ship of our bane …unfortunately we only just managed to board her before the remainder of the Lions share sank beneath the waves …with a loss of all hands …

The Beauty & The Beast


Where was I … Oh yes, well after the heated arguments in Wickingford where I had ended up letting my indignation run away I had Im sad to say bullied the local leader into joining us for our volunteer journey through the portal to Grandfather Green ….so next morning we found ourselves standing on a dirt trail leading through an old archway into the dark forest, a forest which behind the portal looked overly lush and thick and atleast in my mind ‘ominous’.

Stepping through the portal we didn’t at first feel any different, no magical surge or …or anything really, just like walking down any old path. We walked a few hundred meters, perhaps half a mile to be honest it was difficult to keep track with how the forest felt creeping closer and with an atmosphere full of fearful anticipation of what would await us ahead – looking back the forest actually didnt seem all that magical or alien more like just …something you wouldn’t expect at a place like this …

Just as we were beginning to relax a little the ground of the path suddenly collapsed under Sigrun’s feet revealing a pit which both her and the town leader from Wickingford tumbled headfirst into – My mind must have been wandering because I hardly realized this before a minor score of reptile men attacked us, trying to clubber us – later I learned that Garnet had blocked off one side by conjuring up some webs crawling with silverlike bugs, but the reptile-like men came on from the other side pressing us back and soon I felt the pressure of foul magic pressing down upon me but I managed to shake it off me and strike down one of the creatures …then as quick as they had appeared they suddenly turned tail and melted away in the thick underbrush leaving us to realize that the town elder who had joined our trip here had fallen on his neck when he went into the pit ….and his death was thus now on my head.

Shocked at the ambush and now weary of what else might await us ahead, we nevertheless felt we had managed to hold our own and feeling like we couldnt very well just turn back now that a man had given his life – We thus so decided to press on….

Pressing on down the path, now much more weary and careful than before – this time with [[Sigrun carefully scouting ahead, I must say she does seem different in many ways after her return … or her rebirth as a half-orc, its odd to contemplate her now as a kindred though I cannot help but feel there is more to being a being than just looking the part, I cannot help but doubt she yet understands how it is to always feel a bit the outsider …but I am sure she will learn it the hard way in time …

Having continued carefully down the path we came upon a village of sorts, obviously the home of these reptile like people – but what caught our eye was a large mound with a temple on top and surrounded by scores of lifelike statues posed as if worshiping whatever dwelled therein – approaching with caution we were hailed and invited inside ….to face what monstrosity must surely be there. Well, the monstrosity turned out to be a beautiful woman – guarded by a fierce warrior and from what I could tell from the reaction of my friends or rather male friends …she was quite captivating …her name we learned was Euryale and she was obviously old, ancient even …and VERY powerful. It seems there really was no Grandfather Green or rather there had been, perhaps still was in some sense, but it was not HIM demanding sacrifice but HER … She said she needed it, wanted it …and would take it if not it was offered to her once in a while ….

Euryale as it was made us an offer or rather she demanded company …as in ‘company for the night’ in order to conceive … I couldnt believe it when several of the men where almost throwing themselves at her only Edwin Godwinson and I seemed to pay any heed to whether it was right to help such an obvious evil perpetuate herself in this world … yet I doubt we could have stopped her had there been any desire for that course of action among the others … and so we spend a long cold night on the steps infront of the mound, while ungodly sounds could be heard from the temple and next day (Dwarf) emerged looking tired but otherwise unharmed emerged ….and we took our leave – Now looking back I cannot but feel that perhaps we missed an opportunity, obviously any creature who kill innocents for hunger is to be considered evil, but it …or she …did not seem crazed like some such …. and with our quest for the safety of the world perhaps she would have lend a hand, I know one should never rule out that even wrong-doers can sometimes do the right thing and perhaps along the way learn to mend their ways … I should know it is the teaching of my godmother after all …yet I was disturbed and I … I failed to see it so.

Gateway Justice


We have travelled far in the last few weeks and our group which set out from Varheim our home …the place I had thought to spend my life in, perhaps even with a family of my own …me and Surt and … its better to not dwell on that, we … I have found a new purpose, now we must save the world …somehow … and then perhaps … after … I ….we …

We have lost Haldir I’m not even sure exactly how it happened as he was apart from us, but … destiny does run in strange ways, I must have faith in my god that there is purpose and meaning behind it all. In place of Haldir a dwarf by name of Garnet has joined us, it seems the gods has entrusted him with a portion of the power which binds us together in this quest – Garnet seems both competent and with a will to carry this through and even though he hails not from our far remote home, I have a sense that we can trust him. Also of note is Sigrun or rather what has happened with her – on our way we found ourselves suddenly in battle with an enraged giant and Sigrun fell to its last mighty swing – we thought, we were sure we had lost her …we grieved her and entombed her, yet just few days later she returned … or rather someone not to our recognition claimed to be her, to have been awoke in the body of stranger – will all her memories and demeanor the same, yet different … it is unsettling, but the gods must surely look out for us or rather our quest for such a miracle to transpire …

Finally, after weeks on the road we came to Wickingford an idyllic village where we arrived just in time for the local fair and market – its was quaint, Edwin and our new dwarven friend both joined in the locals sports and each won a sausage or some such, how nice and homely is that? I could not help bring a smile to my face, for too long I have forgotten how it is to wear mail and be on lookout for danger … I enjoyed donning my simple dress and just be a girl at market, but then things got ugly ….In the evening one of the local farmers killed another farmer in fit of anger, it was not on purpose but kill him he did. The locals insisted on satisfaction yet not of the man responsible, but claiming that their patron god demanded blood for blood and wanted to give him a poor innocent baker, wanting to throw thought ‘the gate’ – I knew not their religion or the nature of this Gate, but I could not just stand by and watch them lead an innocent man to his death, perhaps it is still the events from Bronzetyren which haunts me, but I got angry – felt like people who condemn innocents to die, should at-least have the courage to face their own judgement … In the end we volunteered to go through the gate, to meet this Old Grandfather Green of theirs …but not alone, I made their leader – the one who wanted to condemn an innocent baker – to follow us, to see what he so willingly condemed others to … I just wanted him to see, to understand and learn his error and perhaps compassion?? Perhaps Im being dishonest with myself I was angry and my choice let to his death – that must now be on my conscience, I was in error …and I must try to learn from this even thought I did not at the time …


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