The Worldslayer Chronicle

Death Afoot


Having accepted membership into the Pathfinder Society or the Grand Lodge as it was also known, we took to the exploring the compounds to the extend we were allowed, for the most part this meant exploring the library marvellign in all the writings assembled from a wide area and over a long time … each of us going off to explore and investigate our favorite subject and dig into some pet project.

Exploring the library of the Grand Lodge was an engrossing time and we almost forgot that we were in fact in what was probably the biggest and illustrious city in the world – Absalom thus boasted a population of more than 300.000 a staggering magnitude greater than our native Varheim and the 350ish people who called it home … having thus spend the better part of a week engrossed in the books of the library we finally decided to head out to explore and relax, having some food and wine and take in the city – What we found was though slightly more than what we had bargained for…

After an evening of good food and decent drink, walking home in high spirits – we knew it was late, but after everything we have been through we figured we could handle a cut purse or backalley bandit ok, so we werent worried … suddenly though from the shadows two figures more materialized than stepped forth …demanding we hand over Marina or “else” … Now taking our cue from Marina she did not seem much inclined to go with them, and so we prepared to fight and found they were not two but four!! … and turned it out these were no cutthroats, but vampires in the flesh so to speak – My god, I fought with 2 and they were STRONG … even the giant we fought had nothing on them … one moment I was fighting, the next my senses were raddled by a lightning shock of a kind while powerful blow after blow rained down upon me – and only with the greatest effort were we able to drive them off …and we knew that things could very well have ended up differently…

Battered and shocked, we returned to the Pathfinder compound – tryign to make sense of why a group of powerful vampires would want with Marina – and how to deal with this sinister-vampire-cabal


Jakob ClausHBhm

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