The Worldslayer Chronicle

From Land to Sea to Sunken City


Once off from Ormunds Brønd, I shared my dream and what I thought it meant with Sigrun – at first she was upset, but she seemed to reflict on my questions and council as I tried to share my worries with her and on the next few days on the road she was pretty quiet and contemplative.

Finally after some days only interrupted by an encounter with some would-be bandits which we quickly admonistered of their errorous ways we arrived in Karlsgard – truly a magnificant city it really seems huge – even though my godmother brought me up from the south I dont remember much and I can hardly believe that there really should be any cities greater than this.

We spend only a few days in Karlsgard, just enough to gather suppliers and arrange for transport by ship further south. The ship we opted for was a big seagoing reaver – or so Im told, I really dont know much about ships, but the crew seemed fierce and surely thats what the type of sailors you want at your back should you end up facing pirats or worse, at least thats the argument Surt persuaded us with. While gathering supplies I managed to arrange for the old mithrill armour we had found in the Laborynth to be fitted to my size, I know its necessary still I cant help but feel bad about wearing what Im told has a value in gold enough to feed a village for the better part of a year. Still, I know it is necessary for us to not take any chances with our mission – the world might litteraly depend upon it.

Departing with the tide and dusk setting in, I must say sailing is not so bad, the sunset was wonderful and to my delight I found that we were not the only passengers – at first I had been worried about all the sourly men – but now I felt we had someone with whom we could share our seavoyage and perhaps learn something about the road ahead … or .. the sea or …

Speaking of the Sea – suddenly it went away, it wasnt like all at once, but enough that we soon found our ship standign on dry land, on the middle of a island which had suddenly risen from the sea. As it turns out – some evil creature had caused island to rise, not to bother us on surface but as a means of getting to some underwater elves of a kind, I never really got that completely to be honest … and their queen, who lived on the island, but below the sea and – well at first I thougth the queen was bad, but obviously she wasnt, and then we helped them out and killed the evil monster, even though I did try to make it reason … sorry, to be in a hurry I can hear some commotion on deck, I will finish later …

[putting down pen and as I run out and up on deck I quickly grab a cloak against the wind, pulling it around my my shoulders as my dress really is bit light for the sea in the evening. – Coming out on the deck, finding the crew squaring off against our fellow passengers from Circus Oriana – TO BE CONTINUED…]


Jakob ClausHBhm

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