The Worldslayer Chronicle

Harping for a Song


Having barely driven off an ambush by [[ Vampires we nevertheless was able to draw a breath of relief back at the Grand Lodge. However knowing that a Cabal of Vampires had it out for us – None of us felt safe and we decided that the best we could do would be to lay low for a while, and unless we wanted to incarcerate ourselves inside the compound, preferable someplace other than in Absalom …so sitting down, we pitched our ideas:

Garnet had found some writings detailing a long lost city someplace off in the dessert lands, it sounded alluring both in its exoticness and promise of riches, atleast this was something he emphasized multiple times … several times over … However, it being pretty far away we decided to see what other options we had.

Sigrun had managed to find some references to a shadowy parallel version of Absalom, now to me it sounded pretty far fetched at first – but when she reminded me of the shadow gates and the shade spirits … and that it was basically the ‘same thing’ I believed her, …NOT that it made it sound like some place I would like to go, but I believed her … – I really hope we will not find ourselves in a situation where we have to escape though that place ….

Finally it seemed that the choice of what to do came down to one of practicality, Garnet’s option was too far away – Sigrun’s too dangerously “crazy” and mine …well mine was practical … and so an early morning, just as the gates were opened, we set out hoping to find the Cove of Remembrance …supposedly an ancient library of sorts with details of prophecies of the threats against us all, perhaps even with clues of what we were facing?!

Having made it out of Absalom and hired a boat w/ crew at a less than reputable minor port … we found ourselves off a none too friendly looking shoreline …managing to brave the ‘Murder Rocks’ we hardly made it to the beach though before we were set upon by Harpies. The creatures proved easy enough to drive off – but difficult to get at as they kept their distance and worse as they started singing …their sound enough to drive a person to the brink of madness or beyond ….as the poor crew of the boat we had hired found out to their misery… In the end thought it was not us, but the appearance of a pair of chimera which drove off the harpies and ironically enough THEY proved much easier for us to handle ….though in the end we found ourselves stumbling wounded and on our last reserves towards a cave mouth, looking for respite …


Jakob ClausHBhm

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