The Worldslayer Chronicle


Braving the treacherous approach into the harbor of Absalom, we all made a sigh of relief as we now believed that having docked the Dastardly Endeavor, we could now concentrate on setting free her chained oarsmen, look for someone willing to buy a slightly (miss)used ship …and well get on our way to the Pathfinder Society and our god give quest at large. It was not to be so simple ….

Barely had we and the first former slaves made it up onto the docks until an agitated harbor inspector was joined by the Cheliax Ambassador who in a most agitated way demanded not only that the ship be handed over to him including ALL former slaves, but also that we be detained on charges of piracy … the nerve!!

Luckily both Sigrun and Edwin kept a cool head and managed to stall for time, while I managed to find and convince the Andoran Ambassador Pax that not only was a grave injustice in the making but that important principles were at stake. Thus convinced, Ambassador Vitrius Pax rushed to the harbor with his men, and for a while it appeared there would be a real brawl, but a compromise was reached – not one which was very satisfactory, far from it in fact, but such are compromises want to be I find.

Having thus braved not only the dangerous harbor entrance, but also the bureaucratic shoals of Absalom we finally made ouir way to the Pathfinder Society. At the lodge we were recieved most hospitable, and offered immediate membership on grounds of our quest to bring them our information – However, it took a long night of debate and persuation to reach consensus on joining on grounds on Garnet having many a fear of being taken advantage of. In the end though, join we did – and as our liason, instructor or ‘Captain’ as the Society calls it, was named Berek Hazadrian who seems to be not only ruggedly handsome, but also competent and someone who himself believes in the good membership in the Society can do…


Jakob ClausHBhm

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