The Worldslayer Chronicle

The Beauty & The Beast


Where was I … Oh yes, well after the heated arguments in Wickingford where I had ended up letting my indignation run away I had Im sad to say bullied the local leader into joining us for our volunteer journey through the portal to Grandfather Green ….so next morning we found ourselves standing on a dirt trail leading through an old archway into the dark forest, a forest which behind the portal looked overly lush and thick and atleast in my mind ‘ominous’.

Stepping through the portal we didn’t at first feel any different, no magical surge or …or anything really, just like walking down any old path. We walked a few hundred meters, perhaps half a mile to be honest it was difficult to keep track with how the forest felt creeping closer and with an atmosphere full of fearful anticipation of what would await us ahead – looking back the forest actually didnt seem all that magical or alien more like just …something you wouldn’t expect at a place like this …

Just as we were beginning to relax a little the ground of the path suddenly collapsed under Sigrun’s feet revealing a pit which both her and the town leader from Wickingford tumbled headfirst into – My mind must have been wandering because I hardly realized this before a minor score of reptile men attacked us, trying to clubber us – later I learned that Garnet had blocked off one side by conjuring up some webs crawling with silverlike bugs, but the reptile-like men came on from the other side pressing us back and soon I felt the pressure of foul magic pressing down upon me but I managed to shake it off me and strike down one of the creatures …then as quick as they had appeared they suddenly turned tail and melted away in the thick underbrush leaving us to realize that the town elder who had joined our trip here had fallen on his neck when he went into the pit ….and his death was thus now on my head.

Shocked at the ambush and now weary of what else might await us ahead, we nevertheless felt we had managed to hold our own and feeling like we couldnt very well just turn back now that a man had given his life – We thus so decided to press on….

Pressing on down the path, now much more weary and careful than before – this time with [[Sigrun carefully scouting ahead, I must say she does seem different in many ways after her return … or her rebirth as a half-orc, its odd to contemplate her now as a kindred though I cannot help but feel there is more to being a being than just looking the part, I cannot help but doubt she yet understands how it is to always feel a bit the outsider …but I am sure she will learn it the hard way in time …

Having continued carefully down the path we came upon a village of sorts, obviously the home of these reptile like people – but what caught our eye was a large mound with a temple on top and surrounded by scores of lifelike statues posed as if worshiping whatever dwelled therein – approaching with caution we were hailed and invited inside ….to face what monstrosity must surely be there. Well, the monstrosity turned out to be a beautiful woman – guarded by a fierce warrior and from what I could tell from the reaction of my friends or rather male friends …she was quite captivating …her name we learned was Euryale and she was obviously old, ancient even …and VERY powerful. It seems there really was no Grandfather Green or rather there had been, perhaps still was in some sense, but it was not HIM demanding sacrifice but HER … She said she needed it, wanted it …and would take it if not it was offered to her once in a while ….

Euryale as it was made us an offer or rather she demanded company …as in ‘company for the night’ in order to conceive … I couldnt believe it when several of the men where almost throwing themselves at her only Edwin Godwinson and I seemed to pay any heed to whether it was right to help such an obvious evil perpetuate herself in this world … yet I doubt we could have stopped her had there been any desire for that course of action among the others … and so we spend a long cold night on the steps infront of the mound, while ungodly sounds could be heard from the temple and next day (Dwarf) emerged looking tired but otherwise unharmed emerged ….and we took our leave – Now looking back I cannot but feel that perhaps we missed an opportunity, obviously any creature who kill innocents for hunger is to be considered evil, but it …or she …did not seem crazed like some such …. and with our quest for the safety of the world perhaps she would have lend a hand, I know one should never rule out that even wrong-doers can sometimes do the right thing and perhaps along the way learn to mend their ways … I should know it is the teaching of my godmother after all …yet I was disturbed and I … I failed to see it so.


Jakob ClausHBhm

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