The Worldslayer Chronicle

Showdown ...and Tea

Cove of Remembrance


….Having slain the last of the chimeras we were mightily worn out, bruised and with only a trickle of the power within us, we decided it best to find shelter should the harpies return.

Scouting along the golden sands of the beach we found what at first looked like a cave entrance, but upon nearer examination proved to be a tunnel worked into the cliffs – realizing it had to be the entrance to the temple …the temple of ‘Remembrance’ we decided to delve just a bit inside to get out of sight, then to rest and refresh our powers ….It was not to be so easy.

Leading the way into the temple we came upon to side chambers, the place looking decerted for Andoletta knows how long, having just decided that the chambers would prove a good site for rest we suddenly found ourselves in a desperate fight as some foul spirit raised a vicious tornado of old broken bones whipping about us, tearing us – while its negative energy sapped our strength ….only with the very last reserves of our powers were we able to overcome it, and it was indeed very close that Edwin could have been lost. In the end though, thanks in no small part to the earth magic of Garnet did we manage to overcome it – and was finally able to seek our rest.

Having rested, as we saw first rays of a new days sun falling into the tunnel, we could feel the mythic power once again fill us up and we made ready to uncover whatever secrets the temple yet still held. Walking carefully down the long-dead halls, we recognized a building style similar yet slightly different …as if inspired by that ancient city we had visited below the sea on our long journey, finally we came to what must have been the great library – once no doubt magnificent but now just an empty room only empty racks hinting at the treasure of knowledge that must once have been held within. From the library an enchanted door lead deeper and after much effort to open it we finally knew we were on the right track when we saw signs of passage, recent signs – or atleast relatively speaking, perhaps the signs of our long lost Pathfinder compatriots who had been lost those many years ago ….

In the end we found not only signs of our Pathfinder compatriots but found them impossible alive, …alive yet held in the grip of each their curse, one an undying custodian of a cursed book of prophesies …another a worse fate, consumed by his desire for power the artifact had turned Andrello as was his name into a soulless monster, a hydra of great power – apparantly he had slain most of his own party …and now he tried to slay us – Unprepared for the violent attack Surt was torn limb from limb and Sigrun fell frozen hit by breaths of freeze … and I myself came within a hairsbreadth of joining my god in the afterlife – In the however our remaining friends overcame it and I found myself coming to after being fed several potions …

Coming to my feet, still groggy from the ordeal of my own punishment as well as the brutal loss of Sigrun and Surt I hardly noticed Garnet liberating Gretchen, the last member of the forgone party, from her curse …shaking my head, not realizing yet it was her wish I almost screamed out when a golden light fell over us, peace permeated me …and my god …my god literally stepped out before us … Now not doubt the blows to my head play small part, but I hardly remember it … did we have tea? Yet I came away with a feeling of content, yet knowing I must find my own path – to do right must come from within and ….and that the road would not always appear easy ….

The return seems as if in a haze, we encountered some being on the way out – I hardly remember my own part in it, but a deal was made …the deathly book of prophecies exchanged in return of a deck of cards, holding great power over destinies … and just like that we were suddenly back at the Grand Lodge


Jakob ClausHBhm

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