A werehyena currently posing as a merchant in the city Eto in Osirion


Notes and letters found in the Gnoll stronghold known as Lamashu’s Flower, reveals that the true ruler of the Gnolls in the region is the werehyena Cleric of Lamashtu Alashra.

Officially the Gnolls are ruled by the cleric Nathrek (now deceased), but it is obvious that he answers to Alashra.

The papers also reveals that Alashra is currently masquerating as a merchant in nearby Eto, where she uses her inside knowledge to guide her tribe on raids on caravans, both those of other merchants and her own in order to avoid suspicion.

This tactic has resulted in her becoming one of the richest and more influentual merchants of the region.

Her true plan however, is to honor her goddess by using prisoners from the raids to breed new monstrosities and to summon a mighty Shemhazian Demon by abundant blood sacrifices.

She is very close to completing her summoning ritual, only requiring a few more victims or perhaps a single powerful one.



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