Baen Larrvo

Friendly for the most part, the innkeeper of Den Væltede Aurock is never far from his favorite knife Ystävyys


Baen is the proprietor of Den Væltede Aurock, the nicest inn in Varheim, as he likes to tell his custumers.
Baen is a balding Ulfen that used to be an adventurer until he took an arrow to the knee. Even though his adventuring days are over, he is still quite formidable in a fight and always handles the occasional fights in the inn himself.
Baen is a supporter of the Earl, as he sees him as the towns best chance of peace and stability, but he is still on friendly terms with Arnald Marsk, who often comes to have a drink and a proper meal when he is in town.


Baen Larrvo

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