Edwin Godwinson

magus, hero, arrogant, master wizard and swordsman


Class: Magus level 8ArchMagus.jpg
Arcane Pool: 6
Mythic power: 11
Concentration: 22
Magus arcana: Lingering pain (ikke endeligt valgt)
Character Sheet

Archmage Arcana: Wild Arcana (most powerfull ability in the game);
Champions Strike: Fleet Charge
Tier IV
Notable Mythic traits: Glowing hands when casting spells. Energi runs just under the skin and is visible as pulses of energi running up arms and legs.
Path Abilities: Mirror Dodge, 2 x extra mythic feat, Display of intelligence
Mythic feat: Mythic Combat Casting, dual path, mythic weapon finesse, mythic arcane strike
Hard to kill
Surge (1d8)
Amazing initiative (+4)

Str: 13
Dex: 22 (24)
Con: 15
Int: 20
Wis: 12
Cha: 12

HP: 87
AC: 24 (with mage armor)
Ini: 11
BAB: +6/

Fort: +11
Ref: +12
Will: +16 + 4 vs fear

Feats: Weapon Finese, Combat Casting; Arcane Strike; Intensified spell; Iron will; piercing spell.
weapon: alertness

Magus Arcana: Lingering pain (1ap as swift action to add half damage as continuing damage)

Traits: Historian, Seeker,
Drawback: Pride
Mythic flaw: hybris

Acrobatics: 8 (20)
Craft weapon: 1 (6)
Intimidate 1 (5)
Know. Arcana: 8 (16)
Know. Dungeonering 1 (9)
Know. Engineering 1 (6)
Know. History: 8 (17)
Know. Geography: 1 (6)
Know. local: 1 (9)
Know. nature 1 (6)
Know planes 2 (10)
Know. religon 0 (5)
Linquistics 3 (12)
Perception: 8 (15)
Ride 1 (8)
Sense motive: 2 (5)
Spellcraft: 7 (13)

Color Spray
Hydro push
Magic armor
Illusion of calm
Magic Missile
Shocking Grasp
True Strike
Long Arm
Ray of enfeeblement
Infernal Healing

Acid arrow
Cat grace
Frigrid Touch
Mirror image
See invisibility
Summon Monster 2
Touch of idiosy
Track Ship
Returning weapon
Raven’s flight

Vampiric touch
Versatile weapon
Dispel magic
Fire Ball
Hold Person
Stinking cloud
Vision of Hell
Aura of elements

Acid pit
Black tentacle
Greater invisibility
Wall of fire

Change of Fire
Summon monster V

New stuff:
Belt of physical might +4 con / +4 dex
Arcane Accuracy
Accurate strike lev. 9


21 years old. Adviser to the jarl of Varheim, Earl Bjorelf, husband to the beautiful Aina Jernkrona, father to Thorbjørn, one of the riches men in Varheim, hero and on top of the world.

Edwin have a good heart, but can seem a bit arrogant. He KNOWS he is better then others. He have been trained since childhood and have speciel powers that others can only dream of. He don’t tell this to people. He do not have to. He know it is true. Very few, besides his companions, can match his skills.

Edwin have trouble to admit if anyone is better then him (as if). He do not back down and will normally stay confident he is just as good unless he is truly outclassed. He has great knowledge about monsters and hidden powers. He does however admire experience and will have no problem to follow a more experienced and wise person. After his experience with mythic creatures he have learned to respect beings with these powers.

Edwins father always told him that “with great power comes great responsibility”. He knows it is his noble duty to protect the commen people from the monsters in the dark. He do not hesitate to put himself in danger to stop evil. Someone have to guard the people and that is Edwin. Edwins is also a bit headstrong and is convinced that he can defeat anything short of a dragon. He know he has the power, but is inexperienced. But this will come with time. If carefull and if he is clever there is nothing he can not do.

Background history:
Edwin is son of Godwin Ericson.

Edwins father Godwin is the bastard son of the local jarl, Earl Bjorelf and his favorit thrallGodwin.bmp and is darker then the commen folk in the north. His father have helped him to get an education as a wizard. Godwin is a scholar of great renown in his studie of the ancient empire of Thassilon.
He have often been away from home to study ruins and visit libraries. He have studied the ancient lore of the Magus and its secret. During his studies Godwin have learn a lot about weapon crafting and is using this skill to earn money to his family and his studies.

Edwin have learned alot from his father. He have studied the ways of the magus and is on his way to surpasse his father. He have been trained from childhood and Godwin have taking him with him on some of his travel, so young Edwin have all ready seen much of the world. Edwin have always felt there was something his father was not telling him. Training had always been urgent as if he was being prepared for something.

5 years ago on an trip to a local tower to look for a missing person, edwin found a secret door leading down into the darkness. Here he found a portal to another world. He found alien creatures trying to tell him something, but he can only remember pieces of it. Something about saving the world. How wise the creatures was to have chosen him to be their champions (and a few others). Edwin could feel the power the alien creatures had awoken in him. So this was the path his father had trained him for.

On the way back a legendary worg creature, Gamle Skyggefod tryed to stop Edwin and his companions, but Edwin slew the monster and cut of its head. It was time to save the world……

5 years have pasted. Strange? It is as someone has suppress his memories. He knew he had to do something important, but what!!!!

The 5 years have been good. Edwin feel in love with a beautiful young woman they had rescued from the tower 5 years ago called Aina Jernkrona. She was the daughter of Svenned Jernkrona, administrator of Maragosh. Now they are married, have a son (Thorbjørn Edwinson) and Edwin is one of the riches men in Varheim with his own mansion. He has completed his training with his father and is now an adviser at the jarl. He have studied stewardship under the jarls son Birger Bjorelf watchfull eye (sometime Edwin just wished, they would let him lead the city watch instead).

But then southern strangers arrived in town asking for the old tower. Edwin and his compions agreed to take them there. They found the tower and a strange brownish moss covering the area. The strangers tryed go into the tower but the moss covered them and devoured them. There last words was to get word to their “Pathfinder Society”. Then all the memories came back. Edwin had to leave his familie and follow his destiny. It was time to save the world…….. (again. For real this time).

scimitar.pngBefore leaving his father gave Edwin his sword. This was a mighty legendary sword called “keeper of secrets” in the old tongues. His father had found it on his journeys. It contained the secret of the magus and would only tell its secret to one worthy of wielding the secrets. Edwin was sure he was ready (unfortunately the sword do not. “ready you think you are, but ready you are not”.

Edwin Godwinson

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