Fenneck the Squire


This young man is eager to serve the heroes in any way possible. He feels that he owes them a debt after they rescued his brother from Cheliaxian slavery.
Fenneck recently revelaled himself to be an agent of His Infernal Majesty Asmodeus. He was sent to the party to corrupt Zsena. After succeding he had to use her as a sacrifice and soon thereafter returned to Hell – Perhaps to return one day.


Human ‘Herald Squire’ Cavalier lvl. 4 of the ‘Order of the Dragon’

STR 16
DEX 16
CON 12 / HP 28
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 14

Att +8 (masterwork)
AC 19
CMB +7
CMD 20

mc. Breast Plate
mc. Lance 1d8+4 (20/x3) reach
mc. Shortsword 1d6+4 (19-20/x2)
Hvy. steel shield AC+2

Combat Reflexes
Body Guard
Combat Expertise

Mount (no armour penalty to ride!)
First Impressions – roll 2d & transfer diplomacy to Sire
Challange 2/day +LVL dam (-2 AC vs. others) & allies gain +2 att.
Aid Allies – aid another +3 (vs. +2)
Tongues 3/day

SKILLS (ranks+stat+class skill+(armour)
Acrobatics* 3+3+3+(-3) =6
Ride* 4+3+3+(-0) =10
Diplomacy* 4+2+3=9
Bluff* 1+2+3=6
Handle Animal* 1+2+3=6
Intimidate* 1+2+3=6
Profession* ‘merchant’ 2+1+3=6
Knowledge Local ‘Andora’ 1+1=2
Knowledge Local ‘??’ 1+1=2
Perception* 3+0+3=6
Sense Motive* 1+0+3=4
Survival* 1+0+3=4
Climb* 1+3+3=7
Swim* 1+3+3=7
Linguistics 1



Fenneck the Squire

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