Moving through the Woods like he is a part of nature, this wise elf has been the spiritual leader of Varheim for decades.


Mithlen hails from somewhere in the far south but has lived in Varheim for so long that he is considered a true Varheimian.
Even though he is not a true Cleric, Mithlen ranks as the highest of Erastils chosen in Varheim, as he is a devout follower of Old Deadeye.
When walking the streets of Varheim Mithlen is clad in robes like those worn by Erastils Clerics, complete with antlers, but when met in the wild he wears a robe seemingly woven by leaves and brandishes a Shillelagh.
Mithlen is neutral in city politics, but anyone who jeopardizes the balance between civilization and nature or who works for the forces of chaos will feel the wrath of nature.

Mithlen was infected with the Rot, he then killed himself.



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