The Worldslayer Chronicle

Defeat and Despair


Has it really been this long since I last sat down and reflected on our journey? Ever since that dreadful evening about Bronzetyren when her crew suddenly started massacren our fellow passengers – beheading all the men and intend on the gods knows what with the women … well I knew what they wanted, they werent shy about calling it out …but …

With faith in my god mother and knowing I was doing the right I cast myself in their way, to save a few and to make a difference yet I almost suffered the same fate, perhaps it was that not all my friends were by my side or that the gods – my god mother did not look out for me, I was struck down, never had I felt so alone so abandoned as I was cowering under my shield unable to stand finding myself beaten down by the ships captain … I later woke in his cabin, assured that nothing had been done …yet … thank gods Haldir was there to save me, I had put myself in the situation but with both my god and my friends Sigrun and Surt not standing by me … – It has taken me long to come to terms with them not standing up against the crew with me, standing by my side …for what it cost the innocent passangeres and also nearly cost me ….Yet in time I have come to realize that my god mother has her reasons, that it is not for me to questions her motives or expect her support – I must be strong on my own and grow to face the challanges ahead.

Since having left Bronzetyren behind, we have travelled far – several weeks has passed and much has happened, my bruises are healed, my spirit and will to make a difference for good has returned – though dark shadows has also been cast – some literally which we were able to banish back to where from they came others more emotional from the loss of beloved friends, yet we strive on – knowing if not our goal, then at least our purpose … to save the world …

From Land to Sea to Sunken City


Once off from Ormunds Brønd, I shared my dream and what I thought it meant with Sigrun – at first she was upset, but she seemed to reflict on my questions and council as I tried to share my worries with her and on the next few days on the road she was pretty quiet and contemplative.

Finally after some days only interrupted by an encounter with some would-be bandits which we quickly admonistered of their errorous ways we arrived in Karlsgard – truly a magnificant city it really seems huge – even though my godmother brought me up from the south I dont remember much and I can hardly believe that there really should be any cities greater than this.

We spend only a few days in Karlsgard, just enough to gather suppliers and arrange for transport by ship further south. The ship we opted for was a big seagoing reaver – or so Im told, I really dont know much about ships, but the crew seemed fierce and surely thats what the type of sailors you want at your back should you end up facing pirats or worse, at least thats the argument Surt persuaded us with. While gathering supplies I managed to arrange for the old mithrill armour we had found in the Laborynth to be fitted to my size, I know its necessary still I cant help but feel bad about wearing what Im told has a value in gold enough to feed a village for the better part of a year. Still, I know it is necessary for us to not take any chances with our mission – the world might litteraly depend upon it.

Departing with the tide and dusk setting in, I must say sailing is not so bad, the sunset was wonderful and to my delight I found that we were not the only passengers – at first I had been worried about all the sourly men – but now I felt we had someone with whom we could share our seavoyage and perhaps learn something about the road ahead … or .. the sea or …

Speaking of the Sea – suddenly it went away, it wasnt like all at once, but enough that we soon found our ship standign on dry land, on the middle of a island which had suddenly risen from the sea. As it turns out – some evil creature had caused island to rise, not to bother us on surface but as a means of getting to some underwater elves of a kind, I never really got that completely to be honest … and their queen, who lived on the island, but below the sea and – well at first I thougth the queen was bad, but obviously she wasnt, and then we helped them out and killed the evil monster, even though I did try to make it reason … sorry, to be in a hurry I can hear some commotion on deck, I will finish later …

[putting down pen and as I run out and up on deck I quickly grab a cloak against the wind, pulling it around my my shoulders as my dress really is bit light for the sea in the evening. – Coming out on the deck, finding the crew squaring off against our fellow passengers from Circus Oriana – TO BE CONTINUED…]

Well ... Goblins & Dreams


Having bested the Labyrinth and having stumbled out into the sunshine – we found that several days had passed … Luckily Sigrun’ boy turned up safe despite having been left alone with our horses and Sigrun’s wolf … without food or shelter it … it truly is amazing what that boy has endured, I fear it might only be luck …or matter of time ….

Resting just shortly before making our way on-wards Southwards. On the road I continued to engage my new found tiny travel companion …but despite clearly being of some order of intelligence it … he …seems rather sluggish ….not responding to questions or even careful prodding. Perhaps the others are right, the he …the sprite really is no better creature than a chicken, though Haldir disagree, …I must admit I am confused yet do not feel comfortable with taking a life without need, succumbing to base destruction merely as some ….‘test’ or as amusement for some self proclaimed “higher” being….

Travelling for few days we reached what seemed an idyllic little town named Ormons Brønd. However, we had barely arrived before we were approached by men of importance, among them the local Abadar priest – who beckoned us on behalf of the city to help them resolve a mystery regarding some burned down farms and help punish the culprits. Seeing the majority of the citizens where not persons of arms we let ourselves be talked into lending assistence. Investigating the farms we found many signs implicating Goblin involvement so we decided to confront a nearby “local” tribe to hear of their possible involvement and reasons … All was going well, they admitted their actions – but claimed it not as a crime, but a matter of self defense against the aggression shown by the towns people …. their claims rang of some truth and I felt I was finally achieving something hoping to mediate a possible accord between the villagers and the tribes “people” when suddenly their leader a Shaman by pretext of Treason ambushed us whipping his villagers up into a frenzy to see us dead ….

The ambush came quick and deadly – Arrows quickly took down several in our group, soon I found myself amid a horde of charging Goblins … I should be scared, but I felt the RavenMother was with me …as I tried to assure we meant no violence, yet I had to defend myself … Seeing them run themselves onto my blade … I cannot forget that image … like bloody ugly fanatical children they lay in a heap at my feet … Post encounter the villagers lead by their Abadar priest insisted we finish it … meaning we should massacre the surviving women and children of the tribe, this we refused… yet we could see not alternative but to separate the two communities so did drive them off to what I fear is an uncertain future …yet they have a chance and is hope not what life is about? The villagers did not see it that way, so in the evening after some grumbling we went to rest knowing we had already overstayed our welcome ….

Going to be bed troubled over what we had been a part of and the choices my friends …even Haldir had done in the desperation of battle … He had bitten …ripped … taken the same choice as my friends regarding their “gifted” sprites … such troubled I had difficulty sleeping yet must have found rest, as suddenly I found myself standing in the shadow of the Raven Mother… and I knew I had made the right choice … yet she also brought warnings that among the items we had secured after out ‘battle’ …‘massacre’? as it turned out … was an item capable of great evil …that we should not use it …and that out path forward would be seeing greater and greater dangers …than only us wrapped in destiny was prepared for …. I fear for Sigrun’s son and feel in my heart if would be best if he be spared this quest.

Small Evil and twisty turns ...


…having left the sheltering safety of the town behind us until we came upon a sight of beauty and terror …a HUGE bear was trying to rip apart another creature which then suddenly turned into pure flame, a creature of fire .. holding back, not able to tell which was the just and which was the attacker or even if they were one and the same – my companions Haldir and Edwin didnt seem to have such compulsions or perhaps they truly are better judges of character than myself – mmm something to ponder … Elves has always had their mysterious ways atleast my godmother has told many stories about such …Anyway, I digress … with the involvement of my brash companions the bear was soon laid low and though a few painful gashes richer, the creature who had battled the bear upon our arrival turned out to be a druid who thanked us and warned us about a clearing futher ahead where death trod the paths among giant standing stones …

Now it all seems kinda confused, my mind is a blur with all that has happened – we came upon the stones and were immediately attacked …at first we feared for our lives as the ambush was almost perfect and we could hardly tell from where the attack came, but then Edwin godmother bless him had the foresight to let his magic guide him ..and next thing he held a small screaming, squirming little man-thing in his hand …grabbed from right out of the air as it tried to rush impossible fast past to slice him with its knife …now that we knew what we were fighting we quickly overcame them …Once again it just saddens me how cruel and ignorant the world is – I tried to tell them … to let them know that we meant them no harm, that if we had rudely intruded on their fief …to let us make amends … yet all they wanted was our death…. for that I mourn them.

Standing among the stones we soon felt a presense …a sense of what I was told was the magic of the fey, a sense which felt familiar as if tugging on unremembered memories … among the stones was also an entrance – and entrace we entered … now just hours later from having come out into the sun again I can hardly describe what we experienced it was all so surreal, the place couldnt have been that big, but we were constantly on edge – feeling death lurk in every crevice of the wall or on every tile of the floor …arrows, blasts of electricity and worse would come upon us …the place was soo rigged with Death that I am sure that only the brave Haldir saved up from an arrowy and explosive doom…. thanks to him we survived …Now my thoughts are confused and I can hardly make head or tails of all that happened, I remember turning up and down winding corridors now the memory is but a haze and it seems blurry when I think back …at the time it seemed like but hours, but standing once again in the sunlight it is clear that days passed … and if we were in doubt we have but to look at Sigrun’s son …I pity fate which has forced his mother on the road with him, it is not an easy road we travel.

Squinting my eyes at the sun, I can now feel the weight of days without sleep pulling me down … its a struggle just to stand … One more thing I must mention, below … in the …what can best be termed the labyrinth we were not alone – my mind is tired yet I clearly remember 3 encounters – one with a creature who wouldn’t let us pass, but whom Sigrun persuaded … I know not exactly how … one was a poor creature doomed to insanely chipping at the rock for eternity, well we put him to rest … may he find peace … and one was a woman …a soldier of some higher being … she offered me a position much like her own to service a person – yet beyond my faith I service only an ideal … and cannot on good faith render my outh to any other … upon our parting she gave us a ‘present’ … now it sits on my shoulder … is it a person … or … apparently her mistress intends us to consume it … I have doubts though not all my companies seem to share them …for now I follow my conscience and the lead of Haldir who knows more about Fey than any other I know …

Cruel Streets


If adversity brings out the best in people, then perhaps …perhaps some adversity is needed? Last night we arrived at a town as real as I don’t remember since my childhood, we found rooms at hospitable in though hardly had we taken our supper than some burly men started chastising me for wearing un-womanlike attire as if armour and weapons to defend one self, ones loved ones and what one believe to be right should only be the realm of men – All this I tried to explain to them, but I am afraid that I failed to convince them. Also, in the same tavern a man tried to push Edwin into a fight, I am proud of my friend that he has learned to master his rash impulsive nature and he managed to talk the man down – if however he could have done in a more humble manner, but alas men …and baby-steps what can one do?

After a good rest and a hearty breakfast I set out to secure some provisions for the trip, on my way to the market I passed by a alley that I remembered being warned about as it was dangerous and full of ‘poor seedy’ characters – it is this type of putting people in categories which leads to so much suffering. At the market I purchased some apples and bread and thought I at least could offer a meal to a hungry unlucky individual. However, even as I had this thought a young girl approached me begging for coins – as she didnt dare return home without a few or her father would lend her a beating. The girls story at once moved me, bringing back memories of my own childhood when I was forced to ply the streets for coins on behest of a brutal bully – I at once knew I had to confront this person. Not letting the poor girl recant on her story, doing my best to assure her that noone would beat her soon – I made her show me the way, but I am afraid she lost her nerve and ran off despite this favor was with me as a person identifying himself as her father confronted me demanding coins – Naturally I immediately scalded him for his bad selfish ways, hoping to shame him into seeing the wrongness of what he was doing as I was doing so he suddenly struck me with a knife – thank the All-Mother favor was with me and upon seeing righteousness clearly being on my side he quickly lost his nerve and bolted. I hope he learned his lesson, but I have my doubts. I just hope that his girl will not get in trouble over this, I will have to look her up next we come hither

“Man is the cruelest animal.” -Friedrich Nietzsche
Once more into the light

Has it really been 5 years? It seems like a lifetime ago – We were so young, so …we sought adventure, then when it found us – Death found its way among us and we thought we had had enough, we settled down – we lost ourselves to peace and each other … Surt and I found each other for an evening, then when I found I was blessed by the All Mother I … I thought we would be Us, but there was no Us that was meant to be.

I had felt life within me, I was contend – I thought I loved, but it all died, died like our son who by the will of the gods was not meant to be. I had thought to name him Samarian like the helper of old, yet the gods thought not to bless me with happyness, so I retreated into myself and when finally the call came to once again seek to do our part in the scheme of things I felt hollow, every time I said the words – tried to persuade the unjust that theirs was not the way of the gods, that they should look into themselves and they would see what was right, my words rang hollow since I myself hardly believed them anymore …

Cought in the middle of battle, my friends stuck down – seing Surt whom I have for so long blamed for our curse, trying to shield me – struck down, finding myself in the fight of not just of my life and loved ones, but also uniquely in place the save the lives of a poor family … I …I felt the spark of the divine once more inhabit my being, allowing me the grace to not only strike true versus the true evil, but also shield me from blows which would surely have fellen me – It would seem that as much as I might have daubted myself, the All Mother still has faith in me

5 years had gone...
...the Heroes rise yet again

After the initital encounter with the mystical beings in the cave it was as if a veil had covered our heroes eyes. No one gave it a thought, not the least. What happened in that cave stayed there somehow. They went back to the town and filled up their existence with less dangerous activities. Some got married, other pursued their careers and yet other found out what they were NOT meant to do.

But then it happened so many years later (5 to be precise), that the heroes found themselves at the Inn as they had used to do occassionally meet once in a while – and here they met a stranger from the far lands of Absolom, saying he belonged to a society of so called Pathfinders, wanting to explore the area the players had visited back then….and so our heroes, who thought they’d never really go back on the trail of adventuring decided to do what others could not, and ventured out the door, down the path and into legend…

Surviving our first encounter

Oh Mother of Mothers, bless me …

…Was it not for my steelwart faith I would dispair at the evils I have seen … We found the missing man in the Old Watchtower, and not just him but his family too … his girls ..I … the older ravished … the younger and ….all of them …slain and raised to walk the land as empty evil husks …

… forgive me, I lose my thoughts … at first I thought there might be a misunderstanding, it has been bad weather and they had sought refuge in an old watchtower … nevertheless we entered with caution and when approached by a stinking dwarf (no really he was was smelly, I dont mean … I dont mind dwarfs …) I hailed him as friend … yet everything quickly turned to carnage – he was also not alone, inside individuals ‘brothers’ if not by birth then by race … I yarned to reach out to them, to let them know the wisdom of your light … to even in their livelyhood as brigands there was the possibility of light … yet even as I let your wisdom guide my arm and try to bring their leader to surrender, their cruel laughs rang out and they choose rather death than to see the light. I supposed they were not expecting any mercies …and truth be told I am not sure I could have convinced my compatriots when the extend of their evil became evident …

… from a hidden well sounds erupted … the rest of the missing family was found there-in mindless monstreous slaves to an evil cleric .. we brought the fight to them but his evil was strong and all Surt was struck down … if I had not had my faith to trust my heard would have dispaired falling before such a worshipper of evil – yet in my heart I knew that I would awake, not as a mindless abominaition, but by your grace somehow my companions would win … And so they did – I didtn see it, but I hear that Surt was most heroic standing tall among his fallen comrades until finally laying the evil to rest … I … I failed …failed to save the family …failed to bring the light to any of the evil doers … yet I hope I learned … so that someday it will make the difference and I can say it was not a waste …

… May your blessings allow us a speedy recovery … we need it …


On the road to ...

Oh Mother of Mothers, bless me …

We are now on the road where I hope my companions and I can do some good – I have just a moment to offer my prayers, as we are on a journey to safe a mans life or avenge his death as may be the case. Just yesterday I had not thought to be on the road, but I have been prepared and I know my duty … we will bring back this man and his family … or my thoughts dare not dwell on it, yet if there are evil doers afoot – perhaps if our strides are quick it will not be too late to convince them of their wrong doings … – I must go now, our break is over – barely a bite of food and once more our leader and the man who urged us on this quest hurries us along again. …May your blessings lead our endeavors to a peaceful end …

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