The Worldslayer Chronicle

Surviving our first encounter

Oh Mother of Mothers, bless me …

…Was it not for my steelwart faith I would dispair at the evils I have seen … We found the missing man in the Old Watchtower, and not just him but his family too … his girls ..I … the older ravished … the younger and ….all of them …slain and raised to walk the land as empty evil husks …

… forgive me, I lose my thoughts … at first I thought there might be a misunderstanding, it has been bad weather and they had sought refuge in an old watchtower … nevertheless we entered with caution and when approached by a stinking dwarf (no really he was was smelly, I dont mean … I dont mind dwarfs …) I hailed him as friend … yet everything quickly turned to carnage – he was also not alone, inside individuals ‘brothers’ if not by birth then by race … I yarned to reach out to them, to let them know the wisdom of your light … to even in their livelyhood as brigands there was the possibility of light … yet even as I let your wisdom guide my arm and try to bring their leader to surrender, their cruel laughs rang out and they choose rather death than to see the light. I supposed they were not expecting any mercies …and truth be told I am not sure I could have convinced my compatriots when the extend of their evil became evident …

… from a hidden well sounds erupted … the rest of the missing family was found there-in mindless monstreous slaves to an evil cleric .. we brought the fight to them but his evil was strong and all Surt was struck down … if I had not had my faith to trust my heard would have dispaired falling before such a worshipper of evil – yet in my heart I knew that I would awake, not as a mindless abominaition, but by your grace somehow my companions would win … And so they did – I didtn see it, but I hear that Surt was most heroic standing tall among his fallen comrades until finally laying the evil to rest … I … I failed …failed to save the family …failed to bring the light to any of the evil doers … yet I hope I learned … so that someday it will make the difference and I can say it was not a waste …

… May your blessings allow us a speedy recovery … we need it …


On the road to ...

Oh Mother of Mothers, bless me …

We are now on the road where I hope my companions and I can do some good – I have just a moment to offer my prayers, as we are on a journey to safe a mans life or avenge his death as may be the case. Just yesterday I had not thought to be on the road, but I have been prepared and I know my duty … we will bring back this man and his family … or my thoughts dare not dwell on it, yet if there are evil doers afoot – perhaps if our strides are quick it will not be too late to convince them of their wrong doings … – I must go now, our break is over – barely a bite of food and once more our leader and the man who urged us on this quest hurries us along again. …May your blessings lead our endeavors to a peaceful end …

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