Circus Oriana

This circus travels from town to town and is currently headed south after a brief stint in the Land of the Linnorm kings.

Lady Oriana: F Half elf owner and acrobat.

The Mighty Olmet: M Halforc strongman and wrestler. DEAD

Marvik the Wise: M Illusionist and clown.

Ellenai: F Chellaxian Human juggler and acrobat

Olm: F Troll seer – DEAD

Here: Ulfen human horsemistress DEAD

Mdrizi: F Catfolk Liontamer

Mwani: M Garundi Human Knifethrower . DEAD

Mirni & Taleb: F & M Halfling Trapez artists DEAD

Mornik & Absel: M Human Workers DEAD

Circus Oriana

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