Mithril Full Plate – Found in the Fey Labyrinth (Szena)
AC 9, counts as medium armour.
Found together with a matching +1 mithrill longsword which has since been sold and the Cape of Slashing

Cape of Slashing – Found in the Fey Labyrinth (Szena)
(Non-Magical, but possible to enchant…)
Full round action – burst 5’ BAB attack vs. AC – damage 2d6 excl. STR bonus.
Purple cape with sewn on sharp mithrill scales – can be used as a weapon against surrounding enemies

Atlantian Arms Stash – Found in the Sunken City
Two-Handed Sword+1 (Szena)
Headband of Charisma+2 (Surt)
Amulet of Mighty Fists+1 (Sigrun)
Chainshirt +1 (Sold by Edwin)
Weapons of Atlantian bronze, do +1 damage vs. mythic or magical creatures.

A stash of Atlantian i after having slain the monster in the sunken temple at the behest of the Atlantian queen in order to defloat her city from the ocean surface

Smugglers Wayfinder – Goblin cave (Sigrun)
‘Light’ At will & Survival +2
Can fit an ioun stone for variable bonus
One cubic foot space of ‘holding’

Boots of Elvenkind -labyrinth (Edwin)
Acrobatics +5

Cloak of Elvenkind – labyrinth (?)

Gloves of Spell Snaring (Edwin)
2/Day Snatch Arrow vs. self or vs. adjacent ally
IMM action (Mpt) to gain Parry Spell as per Guardian Path ability, AOO to beat spell DC.

Ioun Stones – Shadow Gates (-)
STR+2 (Zsena)
DEX+2 (Edwin)
STR+2 (Sigrun)
CON+2 (Sigrun)
CHA+2 ?? (Surt)
Dropping to the ground after each of the gates to the shadow realm were closed

Breastplate – Shadow Priest (Lost at sea …)
+2 (evil). From evil god.
Worn by the priest guarding the gates to the shadowrealm

Severed Hand – Goblin Cleric (Lost at sea …)
Evil appendage which can replace a creatures severed hand, granting who knows what evil powers …
Found in the goblin cave after having killed most and then driven off the goblin village near Ormons Brønd

Ring of Protection +2 – Mythic Medusa (Garnet)
_Gain in trade for spending a night with the Medusa giving her a chance to conceive powerful offspring

Ring of Protection +1 – Gave fra borgmester (Sigrun)
Modvillig gave fra landsbyens borgmester så vi kunne være stærke nok til at lukke portalerne til skyggeverdenen.

- Boot of the Cat
- Rapier 1, frost, frostburst (4).


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