The Worldslayer Chronicle

Defeat and Despair


Has it really been this long since I last sat down and reflected on our journey? Ever since that dreadful evening about Bronzetyren when her crew suddenly started massacren our fellow passengers – beheading all the men and intend on the gods knows what with the women … well I knew what they wanted, they werent shy about calling it out …but …

With faith in my god mother and knowing I was doing the right I cast myself in their way, to save a few and to make a difference yet I almost suffered the same fate, perhaps it was that not all my friends were by my side or that the gods – my god mother did not look out for me, I was struck down, never had I felt so alone so abandoned as I was cowering under my shield unable to stand finding myself beaten down by the ships captain … I later woke in his cabin, assured that nothing had been done …yet … thank gods Haldir was there to save me, I had put myself in the situation but with both my god and my friends Sigrun and Surt not standing by me … – It has taken me long to come to terms with them not standing up against the crew with me, standing by my side …for what it cost the innocent passangeres and also nearly cost me ….Yet in time I have come to realize that my god mother has her reasons, that it is not for me to questions her motives or expect her support – I must be strong on my own and grow to face the challanges ahead.

Since having left Bronzetyren behind, we have travelled far – several weeks has passed and much has happened, my bruises are healed, my spirit and will to make a difference for good has returned – though dark shadows has also been cast – some literally which we were able to banish back to where from they came others more emotional from the loss of beloved friends, yet we strive on – knowing if not our goal, then at least our purpose … to save the world …


Jakob ClausHBhm

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