The Worldslayer Chronicle

Highsea spell'ing ...


…In a desperate bid to save ourselves, the crew and other passengers of the Lions Share we rammed our blazing ship into the side of the chelish ship the Dastardly Endeavor … and after an intense battle of spells and nasty close quarter fighting we managed to subdue both her captain a most competent fire mage as well as her chelish marines … the victory could but only leave an ashen taste in our mouths as we realized that we …..we were the only survivors from all the people that had left Almas but a few days before.

Nevertheless, taking stock of the situation we promized the crew safety and the chained slaves a shot at freedom if they would help bring the ship to Absalom, the fabled city of the Inner Sea …and our destination for our months long trip …


Jakob ClausHBhm

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