*MIA PRESUMED DEAD* Gruff and enigmatic dwarven wizard with a deep connection to the elemental forces of Earth and stone.







General concept:

Outcast dwarven elementalist wizard, obsessed with the secrets of the Earth and stone, now brimming with Mythical power he barely comprehends and finding himself thrust into an Epic quest of world-shattering potential with people he can barely stomach!

Physical appearance:

Standing just above four feet tall, yet weighing in at over 240 pounds, Garnet is massive and solid in the extreme, about as wide over the shoulders as he is tall. His skin, while not exactly grey is curiously dull in colour and exceedingly tough and his short hair and surprisingly well-groomed beard both is granite grey. By far the most curious and alien aspect of his appearance, however, are his eyes. Set in deep sockets under his heavy brow they sparkle with a decidedly unnatural, emerald glow and upon closer inspection, appear to actually be small, semi-precious stones!

Personality Profile:

Gruff, intensely private and stubborn to a fault, Garnet doesn’t exactly exhibit a what one would call a “winning personality”. He finds most customs of the surface dwelling races to be pointless at best, and downright moronic at worst and certainly isn’t the type to go to great lengths in order to fit into strange surroundings or new company. Extremely intelligent, however, he is a masterful debater and, usually, mercilessly logical in his approach to problem-solving. For a dwarf, he does show a somewhat unusual care for the wonders of the natural world, though it’s very specifically limited to those of a mineral nature.

He’ll talk at great, some would say excruciatingly extensive, lengths about geology, engineering, mining and similar topics, but appears to value the concept of empathy about as much as he appreciates rain.


In a movie based on the game, Garnet would be played by the Irish actor Brendan Gleeson

Theme Song:

Until the End – by Breaking Benjamin.

Important life events:




People; Allies and Enemies:




Ability scores:

While dwarves are not often thought of as brilliant thinkers, Garnet’s mind is as keen and sharp as a diamond drill. His already impressive intellect seems to have been further enhanced by the Mythical power that has taken root within his soul, endlessly spurring him further onwards in an almost obsessive quest to unravel every mystery and riddle of the earth beneath his feet.

In addition to his blazing intellect, Garnet fully embodies the traditional dwarven traits of physical strength and stamina. A far cry indeed from the stereotypical image of the frail and physically feeble wizard, Garnet wields his massive warhammer Stonebreaker with almost supernatural ease and is capable of shrugging off blows that would fell an ox!

His personality and way with people, however, often leaves a bit to be desired…


Earth, stone and the fiery blood of the underground is what Garnet lives, eats and breathes. From the craggy exterior of his unusually tough skin to the green glimmer of his decidedly unnatural gem stone-like eyes, elemental power suffuses his entire, compact frame. All of the magic he calls upon bear this mark whether it be when calls up subterranean geysers to wash away his foes, blast and burn them with shards of caustic minerals or simply squash them flat with the strength of the mountains. He appears, however, to be entirely incapable, or unwilling to employ spells and magics related to electricity and the element of air, and his sturdy hide seems to be curiously vulnerable to humble wood.

Notable possessions:

Stonebreaker (+1 Warhammer, bonded item)


A mighty warhammer, forged by Garnet himself as his, quite literal, master piece, the heavy hammer is deeply infused with the magic of Earth and Stone and serves as the focus through which his power is channelled. It was the only thing of significance he brought with him in his exile, and he’d no sooner part with it than he would an arm or a leg!

Aegis Ring (Ring of Protection +2)


An ancient and powerful magical ring given to Garnet by Euryale as a reward for certain…. “services” rendered. The deflecting magic of the ring grants excellent protection to the already exceptionally tough dwarf, even if the style is a few millennia out of date.


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