Half-Orc Paladin


Female Half-Orc, Age 25
Paladin Lvl 4 , Mythic Tier 3 (+2 Paragon)


Str 17 (19)
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 18

HP: Hit die (10-9-9-10)Favored Class (0)CON + Guardian (5×3)

Race: Half-Orc:

  • Orc Ferocity: Once per day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can fight on for 1 more round as if disabled.
  • City Raised: Expertise in longsword & whips and +2 Knowledge (local)
  • Burning Assurance: +2 Diplomacy
  • Skilled: +1 skill rank./level

Paladin: Redeemer

  • Aura of Good
  • Mercy: Fatigue
  • ‘Merciful’ Smite Evil 2/day (+4 CHA to AC & Attack / +Lvl to dam, x2 1st attack vs Outsiders), Can cause non-leathal damage.
  • Monstreous Rapport: +2 Diplomacy towards ‘monstreous’ races.

Starting Traits

  • Second-Chance: Once per day re-roll a failed saving-throw
  • Eyes and Ears of the City: +1 perception & gain perception as class skill.

Naive: You take a –2 penalty to AC against attacks with improvised weapons and a –2 penalty to CMD against dirty trick combat maneuvers.
Vulnerable to Illusion school spells – 4 saves and can gain no positive values from illusion enchantments.


  • 1st level – Fey Foundling: +2 per die of healing recieved & take +1 damage from cold iron weapons.
  • Greater Mercy: When applying Lay-on-Hands and targets has no conditions Mercy can remove instead heal +1d6


  • Dual Path, Mythic (Guardian/Champion)
  • Mythic Paragon ( counts as +2 Tiers when something scales with Tier).


Guardian Call – Absorb Blow
IMM action, spend MP, reduce single source dam by 5x Tier – then gain comulative DR 1/adamantium & 5 “energy” resistance for each full 10 pts dam reduced.

Champion Strike – Sudden Attack
IMM action, spend MP, for attack roll twice and +Tier – bypass all damage reduction.

Ever Ready
Take OOAs while flatfooted
+ Tier to Att / Dam. rolls on OOAs
+ 1 OOA per 3 Tiers.

Display of Charisma
spend MP to gain +20 circumstance bonus to CHA check

Maneuver Expert
Combat Maneuvers does NOT provoke OOAs
Spend MP to gain all improved/greater maneuver feats for one round.


  • Two-handed Sword 1 Atlantian-bronze (1dam vs. mythic/magical creatures) Albion_Tyrolean_Medieval_Two-handed_Sword__9824107604_.jpg


  • Mithrill Full Plate
  • Purple Cape of Swings (Loot from the Labyrinth)

Zsena doesnt know who her mother or father is … all she has been told was that she was found in the wilderness ‘probably left by some poor woman who was forced by some monsterous orc’ …. Zsena likes to think it COULD have been something else …perhaps love? I doest happen doesnt it? …and who says her father is Orc …could have been a half-orc like herself and she isnt a monster is she??

Found by ‘some peasant’ and adopted … sold …to a rackateer named Hollmann, who had made a business of making children work for him, stealing, begging or ….other jobs he had aluded at Zsena might do …once she was older … well at the time he had just smiled his scary smile showing off his gold teeth telling her to go make some money … luckily Zsena found empathy and charm came natural to her and she could usually beg enough money to avoid a beating – and who else would take her in …

One day when Zsena was maybe 7 will be forever in Zsena mind. It was a day with unusually heavy rains driving off the visitors from the usually busy market making a mockery of Szena and the other streetkids effort to earn their ‘rent’ as Hollmann called it, they were scared – didnt know what to do … so when they saw an old woman walking alone into an alleyway the older kids knew what to do – following her, cutting her off … ambushing her. Now it wasnt supposed to go this way, but the woman fought back – but was eventually tripped up falling in the mud … looking up at Zsena with dark, wise …caring(?) eyes as Zsena stood above her with the knife Hollman had given her …everything was going so quick yet at that moment Szena felt as if the woman had just time for her ….as she looked into Zsena’s eyes as she said ‘Only yourself can make you a monster!’ at those words the knife dropped from Zsena’s hand …just before guards came around the corner.

The old woman turned out to be Gertild Gudmundsdottier a woman in her early 50s with once blond, now greying hair … come to trade for …furs or something Szena used to believe, until one she realized Gertild sometimes had visions …would see things …far away or possibilities of what might be … – however it happened Gertild was THERE on THAT day, and since then soon became the mother …or grandmother as wanted to be called, saying Szena already had a mother, somewhere – who might someday still have a chance to meet her daughter …Zsena dont really believe that, but it is a nice thought.

Brought back with Gertild to her home town of Varheim, raising Szena as her own blood, Zsena learned much – not the least about life, once own responsibilility to shape ones path, compassion and value of giving people second chances a chance to mend their ways and find their path or as Gertild would sometimes say a river might take many turns, yet always it finds the sea – just because it doesnt seem to flow in the right direction doesnt mean it will not take you to where you are going

Shaped by example set forth by adoptive grandmother and Zsena gradually came to share her values and her belief in the power of second chances and ‘helping’ people to a better path in life …as preached in the teachings of Andoletta ‘the Grandmother Crow’


The Worldslayer Chronicle Jakob ClausHBhm